The New Way

Keep your whole team in the loop and working smarter.

A man at a control panel

Everything in one place.

Track all your maintenance work in one central location. Everyone has access to the same up-to-date information. There's no confusion, lost emails or forgotten jobs. Nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Quickly see the status of any work order.
  • See who's responsible.
  • See what work they're doing and how it's going.
  • Keep important files, documents and evidence in one place.
An engineer looking at a clipboard

Always know what you're working on.

When you're assigned to a work order, you're responsible for completing that job. We'll make sure you can always see what you're working on, so nothing gets missed.

  • See your open work orders at a glance.
  • Quickly find anything you've ever completed.
  • See who you'll be working with on a particular job.
Two people collaborating

Stay in the loop.

Each work order contains a place to share updates, upload pictures and store important documents. Anyone involved sees the same up-to-date information as everyone else.

  • Track progress and share updates with others.
  • Leave notes and ask questions.
A woman looking at a calendar

Protect your assets.

Keep your machines up and running for longer through preventive maintenance (PM) and predictive maintenance (PdM). Spend less time reacting to problems and more time preventing them.

  • See complete maintenance histories.
  • Setup recurring schedules. Arriving soon!
  • Trigger work orders based on meter readings. Arriving soon!
  • Create checklists and inspection templates. Arriving soon!
A folder containing documents

Keep important documents together.

Some jobs need permits, safety assessments or evidence of work. Assets have schematics, manuals and other documents. TorxHub gives you a place to store those documents right alongside what they relate to.

  • Store documents to show compliance.
  • Upload images, videos, PDFs and other documents.
  • Secure and durable storage.
A man standing with supplies in boxes

Track your spares.

Arriving soon!

Keeping spares on hand reduces the time it takes get things up and running again. Tracking them ensures you're prepared, and when something does happen, you'll know instantly where something is.

  • See where spare parts and supplies are kept.
  • Monitor stock levels at multiple locations.
  • Reserve supplies ahead of time.
  • Know when you need to order more.
A man working in a park

Work anywhere, anytime.

TorxHub lives in the cloud, meaning it's accessible around the clock anywhere in the world (with an internet connection). Whether you're working day or night, you'll have access to the information that matters most.

  • Manage your work on-site from anywhere in the world.
  • Nothing to install, manage or maintain.
  • Use on a desktop, laptop or tablet.