Everything you need, all in one place.

TorxHub brings together everything a maintenance team needs to plan, track and record their work with ease, all in one central location.

Know who, what, when and where.

  • Assign the right people and show who’s working on what.
  • Add detailed instructions, tasks and checks to be done.
  • Add a due date to help prioritise work.
  • Monitor progress with status updates and comments.
A work order (simplified)

Flexible work planning.

  • Setup recurring maintenance schedules.
  • Get reminders to take meter readings.
  • Add due dates or leave work orders open-ended.
  • Snooze work until it’s time to start.
Recurring schedule (abstract)

A secure place for important files.

  • Show the problem/fault with a picture or video, and one when it’s fixed.
  • Store schematics and manuals alongside assets for quick reference.
  • Attach procedures, checklists and other documents to upcoming work orders.
A file browser showing uploaded files

Intelligent stock monitoring. (coming soon)

  • We’ll alert you when emergency supplies are running low.
  • We’ll let you know which parts need ordering for upcoming work.
  • Reserve supplies ahead of time to ensure you have everything you need.
  • It’s more than just parts. Track fluids, tools and other supplies.
Stock level counts with low-stock warnings

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