Work Better with TorxHub

TorxHub provides all the tools a maintenance team needs, in one streamlined package.

Unlike other providers, we take a ‘convention over configuration’ approach, implementing best practices and allowing you to get started right away, without a long complicated setup process.

Work Orders

Plan and track all maintenance with work orders. Assign people, teams and tasks. Attach assets, parts and files.

  • assign work orders to multiple people and teams
  • schedule preventive maintenance in advance coming soon
  • track status and progress
  • comment, add notes and collaborate
  • add images, videos, work permits and other files
Work Orders in TorxHub

Work Requests

Never lose an email or forget a phone call again. Allow customers (internal or external) and people outside the maintenance team to submit requests direct to TorxHub.

  • dedicated and secure Request Portal
  • guest submissions — no account required
  • approve a request before it’s converted into a work order
  • reject and discard duplicates
Work Requests in TorxHub


Use the past to help diagnose the present and learn to predict future failures. See complete histories, meter readings and vital information, all on one screen.

  • detailed maintenance timeline coming soon
  • trigger work orders based on meter readings coming soon
  • create task/inspection templates coming soon
  • store schematics and manuals coming soon
Assets in TorxHub


Never be left without a vital part and always see where the nearest one is. We’ll monitor stock levels and warn you when it’s getting low.

  • link parts to assets for quick reference
  • monitor stock levels at multiple locations coming soon
  • low-stock alerts coming soon
  • attach images, files and more coming soon
Parts in TorxHub


Focus on what matters. You can always zoom out later.

  • assign work orders to teams
  • team-based reports coming soon
  • join one or more teams (or none)
Team in TorxHub


Our search lets you find what you’re looking for, without scrolling through hundreds of results.

  • search everywhere
  • quickly find assets and parts using their ID numbers
  • search for people, comments and files coming soon
Search in TorxHub


Use TorxHub anywhere in the world. There’s no need to purchase and install servers or software, we handle it all.

  • use on-site or in the office
  • mobile
  • 99.9% uptime
TorxHub on Multiple Devices

Managing work no longer needs to be a hassle.

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