What’s New

Updates and improvements to TorxHub.

Repeating work order UI

Repeating Work Orders

We’ve made recurring maintenance even easier with repeating work orders. You’ll see that it works just like a calendar — there’s no additional template to maintain.

Schedule weekly checks, annual maintenance and monthly inspections.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Show upcoming/scheduled work on the asset page.
  • The icons in the main navigation have been removed for a cleaner look.
  • We now show the current user first in the assignee list.
  • Small design improvements.

Scheduled work orders

Scheduled Work Orders

You can now schedule work orders to open on a particular date, making it easier to plan work in advance. Scheduled work orders remain hidden until the open date.

Design v3 (work order screen)

Design v3

TorxHub has a fresh new design — clean, simple and intuitive.

We consolidated various pages/tabs, showing more on one page and requiring less clicks. The design is responsive and works great on smartphones and tablets.

We also added some small tweaks to liven things up:

  • User avatars with unique colours.
  • A new settings portal that’s separate from the main app.
  • Native fonts for faster loading and an improved experience.

Fixes & Improvements

  • We no longer show timestamps as relative dates/times.