A new mobile-first design

Viewing work orders and updating them on the job can be vital, so we’ve made sure that it’s possible to do that with just a mobile. You can now access TorxHub on any mobile device. All you need is a web browser. And we don’t just mean a stripped down version with the bare essentials. No, this is the full site — all pages, all data, everything.

Wherever you are in the world, whether that’s in the office or out in the field staring at a broken machine, you now have the full power of TorxHub in your pocket.

Bonus: You can now ‘drop’ work orders

There’s a new dropped status, designed for work orders that were started but never completed, or those that were planned but then abandoned.

Not all work is completed and simply closing a work order doesn’t show whether the work was done or not. In TorxHub, a work order can be marked as either completed or dropped, allowing you to see the outcome without having to dig through the notes.