Finally, a CMMS that’s simple, easy-to-use and doesn’t take an age to learn.

Simple software that’s designed for engineers, technicians and planners.
No training required — that’s our guarantee.

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Clear responsibilities; seamless collaboration.

No more fiddling with spreadsheets, chasing people for updates or wondering what’s going on. Everyone knows who’s working on what and where things stand. With everyone on the same page, you’ll work faster and with less hiccups.

No complex setup, and no bloat.

TorxHub is designed for small teams to get up and running fast, without training or a complicated setup. You don’t need expensive enterprise software filled with features you’ll never use. We build the things you need — no more, no less.

Admin? Automated.

Your job isn’t to wrestle complex software. It’s to keep the lights on, water flowing and machines humming. TorxHub will keep watch, flagging problems and nudging the right people when action is needed. Spend less time on admin and more on maintenance.

Plan Your Work

Tools for planning, scheduling and tracking all your maintenance work.

Manage Your Assets

Store detailed asset histories, meter readings and plan recurring schedules.

Track Your Spares

Track vital spare parts, supplies, tools and anything else you depend on.

Our pricing (like our software) is simple.

  • For a flat £99/month, you get every feature, no limits and no per-user fees.
  • There’s no complicated setup, no training required and nothing to host or install.
  • There’s no minimum term or annual commitment, just a monthly subscription.
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Try TorxHub free for 30 days. No credit card required.
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